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I’m Lisa, Owner & Operator 

Our mission at Ultimate Serenity is to give every client an ultimate experience.  If you have stress from the day-to-day grind, recovering from an injury, have restricted circulation or simply wish to pamper yourself, look no further.  With techniques ranging from deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, sports massage, and Pilates, each session is personalized to meet your specific needs or condition.

What I Offer


Deep tissue focuses on accessing the deep layers of the body’s muscle and fascia.  It combines compression and working at a slower pace to access the underlying tissue.  


Expand your massage experience with vacuum cupping, if you like deep pressure in your massage you will enjoy this technique.  This style will enable the release of those stubborn areas by working deeply into the tissue.

Thai Massage

This form of body work originates from Thailand and has developed into a powerful modality used by western massage therapists.  Thai Massage combines compressions, joint mobilization, pressure points and stretching for individual needs.

Massage Class

This partners massage class focuses on the basic principles of Thai massage and easy-to-use techniques for working on the back, feet, hands, and shoulders. This class is a perfect addition to your date night!


Classical Pilates is a method of whole-body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates.  The focus is on posture and good body mechanics.  The  goal of Pilates is to increase your posture, balance, and strength.

Wellness Blog

Back Pain Prevention
Back Pain Prevention

Low Back Pain Prevention Workout The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most Americans to work from home due to the state mandates in an effort to slow the viral spread. Due to a change in the lifestyle that forced most people to decrease physical activity because they were...

Pilates Beginner Series
Pilates Beginner Series

If you are a beginner try this beginner series.  I show you modifications that you can do at home on the mat.  Start with one and work your way to lesson 8 where I teach you the whole order.  Get in a great workout while away from the studio.  This is my test run of...

New Location
New Location

The New Location This has been such a crazy year.  As most of you know I moved office locations in September from 1720 Bellaire St. Suite 1210 to 4700 E. Illif Ave.    I now have a larger office space with 3 individual rooms to accommodate table massage, Thai massage...

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