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Helping outdoor lovers conquer pain from past or recent injuries, increase flexibility for their hobby, transform stress from daily life and find the Ultimate key to unlocking their bodies true potential!

Lisa Wolkerstorfer, LMT

Calling all Weekend warriors, Outdoor lovers and Pilate’s enthusiasts! My name is Lisa and it is my goal to decrease your pain from inflexibility!

  • Have an old injury stopping you from biking?
  • Need to recover faster after a long weekend trekking in the back country?
  • Stressed to the max from your job and it’s messing with your focus?
  • Want to take a walk with the grandkids and pain is keeping you down?

I can relate! Performing massage therapy for many years was taking a toll on my body and I was ready to retire until I found Thai Bodywork and Pilates.  Now I can bike and workout as much as I want and teaching my body to move better was the ultimate key!

My method is simple.  Teach your body new movement patters to improve posture, decrease pain through massage and improve quality of life.  I want YOU to enjoy the hobbies that bring you joy and run a 5K until your heart is content.  Massage and Pilates can transform your body so you can enjoy running around with the grandkids and climb the highest 14er Colorado has to offer.

What I Offer

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure to get your body to relax and forget about your day.  Add to your massage experience with vacuum cupping, if you like deep pressure in your massage you will enjoy this technique.  


Classical Pilates is a method of whole-body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates.  The focus is on posture and good body mechanics.  The  goal of Pilates is to increase your posture, balance, and strength.

Couples Class

This partners massage class focuses on the basic principles of Thai massage and easy-to-use techniques for working on the back, feet, hands, and shoulders. This class is a perfect addition to your date night!

Thai Fusion

I fuse deep tissue massage with the healing benefits of Thai.  I put my own spin on this popular modality.   Thai massage combines deep compressions, joint mobilization, and stretching.

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About Us:

Welcome to Ultimate Serenity Bodywork, your path to massage and wellness in the Denver and Aurora area.  Ultimate Serenity Bodywork specializes in Thai bodywork and Pilates for clients aged 18 to senior adults.

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