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I’m Lisa, 

Our mission at Ultimate Serenity is to give every client an ultimate experience.  If you have stress from the day-to-day grind, recovering from an injury, have restricted circulation or simply wish to pamper yourself, look no further.  With techniques ranging from Swedish massage, Cupping therapy, Thai Massage and Pilates, each session is personalized to meet your specific needs or condition.

What I Offer


Expand your massage experience with vacuum cupping, if you like deep pressure in your massage you will enjoy this technique.  This style will enable the release of those stubborn areas by working deeply into the tissue.


Classical Pilates is a method of whole-body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates.  The focus is on posture and good body mechanics.  The  goal of Pilates is to increase your posture, balance, and strength.

Couples Class

This partners massage class focuses on the basic principles of Thai massage and easy-to-use techniques for working on the back, feet, hands, and shoulders. This class is a perfect addition to your date night!

Thai Massage

This form of body work originates from Thailand and has developed into a powerful modality used by western massage therapists.  Thai massage combines compressions, joint mobilization, and stretching.

Office News And Classes!

Self Care Classes
Self Care Classes

If you have ever been in pain or soreness from your workout try this short video.  I show you all the ways to stretch and roll all of your tired and achy muscles. Benefits: Improve flexibility Increase circulation decrease tension Increase athletic performance These...

How to stretch your chest
How to stretch your chest

How to stretch your chest Athletes of all backgrounds need mobility and stretching exercises to stay injury free.  I use the roller on certain areas of the body to keep myself injury free.  As a massage therapist the roller is my best friend.  Here is a how to stretch...

Post Run Exercises
Post Run Exercises

The claim shell is a helpful exercise to add in after your run.  The exercise focuses on the gluteus medius that lies to the back of the upper hip.  This muscles main job is to stabilize the hip as your run. Many runners experience injuries related to the gluteus...

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Welcome to Ultimate Serenity Bodywork, your path to massage and wellness in the Denver and Aurora area.  Ultimate Serenity Bodywork specializes in Thai bodywork and Pilates for clients aged 18 to senior adults.

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