About Me

  •  NFPT Certified Personal Trainer since 2000
  • Associates Degree in Health Fitness Management 2000
  • Licensed Massage therapist 2012
  • TRX Certified Trainer 2013
  • Classical Comprehensive Pilates Teacher with Peak Pilates
  • Thai Massage Therapist

Why Choose Me As Your Therapist?

I find the root of the problem and address it through best thai foot massage or Pilates instruction.

  • CI focus on my client and my trade.  I am aware of subtle changes in the body’s tissue that inform me of each person’s muscle imbalances and how to address them.
  • My assessment skills help me understand how the pain in one area may be caused by an area of dysfunction somewhere else.  This enables me to treat all areas and promote relief to the client.
  • I use a variety of therapeutic tools that allows me to customize each treatment session to fit the individual needs.
  • I offer an initial consultation before your first session to ensure I address your goals for the sessions.
  • All my sessions are a full 60 or 90 minutes with no additional charges for cold stones or for time spent on developing a treatment plan.
  • I offer customized self-care, stretching, and exercises routines to my clients that will help contribute to the health of the client.
  • I find the root of the problem and address it through massage Denver Colorado or Pilates instruction.