Cupping Therapy Denver

The differences in cupping versus traditional massage therapy is that cupping utilizes negative pressure (suction) rather than compression of the skin and muscle tissue.  Thus, cupping may have greater results for; pain, stubborn ailments, repetitive strains, muscle inflammation, toxicity, even digestive problems and countless other benefits.

Enhance your table massage with cupping therapy.  The cups used for cupping create a suction which quickly promotes soft tissue that is rigid to release, relax and raise connective tissue.  This process breaks up and promotes drainage of stagnation while increasing lymph and blood flow to the surrounding skin & muscle groups.  These benefits are not as pronounced when comparing against the traditional compression massage techniques.  The results from cupping have great results for your current physical condition.  The cupping action stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in a deeper, more relaxed state felt throughout the entire body. 

Cupping is ideal for people who are seeking deep relaxation as well as relief from various types of pain. The types of pain it can relieve include muscle inflammation, those that are as a result of repetitive strains and even those that are associated with toxicity. It can also be helpful to people who are suffering from the pain that is associated with various stubborn ailments. Another group of people who may benefit from cupping therapy are those who wish to improve their athletic performance, and those who are seeking scar tissue reduction.

It simply entails lying on a massage table, and having the special cups placed on the body using special equipment. The relaxation and pain relief effect from cupping therapy tends to be almost instant and lasting.

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