Denver Couples Massage Deal

This class is designed for couples who would like to learn how to enrich their relationship through basic Thai massage techniques.  Your body will feel great after a long day at work.

Share the give of massage in your own home during these stressful times.

Are you searching for a creative date night?  This is the perfect solution.  No need to book a baby sitter, no reservations, just a simple solution to spend quality time together.

Don’t let Covid limit your opportunities for date night.  A simple dinner followed by a massage routine is just as special as a fancy resturant.

You can call the office (303) 531-3029 to book your session or click the Book Now button above and schedule online.

Due to Covid-19 small group couples massage Denver co classes are paused until further notice.  Private sessions are still available in person and Zoom!

How often do you hear from your partner these words?

  •  I’m sore, can you rub my shoulders?
  • My lower back is bothering me.  Can you massage my back?
  • My hands are tired I need to stop?

Focused areas:

  • How to delier a great head, neck and shoulder massage in Denver area

  • How to work on your partners feet with little effort

  • Interested in learning a quick calf routine to help your partner recover from their bike ride.

What you will gain:

This class allows you to learn easy tips for treating your partner’s back, feet, hands, and shoulders.  You will gain the skills to deliver pressure without wearing out your hands in the process.  The goal is for each couple to walk away with tips for helping each other loosen tight muscles and how to do it safely in the comfort of your own home.

Each session is tailored to fit the each couples.  I do not provide handouts, CEU’s or a certificate of completion.

How the class works

There are typically three participants in the couples massage class near me.  The first two participants are the members of the couple undertaking the class.  The third participant is the instructor.  The instructor first introduces the participating couple to the principles and objectives of Thai bodywork massage classes near me.  The instructor then proceeds to demonstrate to the participating couple how to use the techniques on their partner.  Thereafter, the instructor is able to observe the participating couple, as they perform Thai bodywork massage on each other.  She can then correct them on aspects that they don’t get right: until they attain proper proficiency in Thai bodywork massage.  Thereafter the members of the participating couple can proceed to be giving the Thai massages to each other from the comfort of their home…