Denver Pilates Private Classes & Movement

Is your primary interest is to increase your core strength, but find yourself hesitant to join a Pilates class?  Look no further other than Denver’s University Hills neighborhood to book your Private Pilates Class today!

First Time Client

If this is your first visit to our Denver Studio, your session will begin with a brief tour of the studio, introduction to the Pilates equipment and safety demonstration.  The instructor will go over your personal goals and health history.  Are you struggling with an injury that has left you unable to do your favorite hobby?  Living in Denver Colorado there are so many activities to participate in from Marathons to rock climbing, Denver has your covered.

Ultimate Serenity Pilates is different from other studios by ensuring that we teach proper form and provide a variety of classes.  This is one of the benefits of a private class versus a small group class.  More importantly, you will experience a personal touch with us. We tailor the sessions to your body and specific needs and teach all exercises with correct posture and form.

Your First Session

All private classes are fifty-five minutes long.  I like to start first time clients on the mat as they are important for you to move your body without the resistance of the springs.  Next, we move to the reformer, and you will challenge your body with the aid of the springs.  You will have the opportunity to use different apparatus in the studio.

At Ultimate Serenity Bodywork, we give you the personal attention you need while learning the classical system.  You will become aware of the mind body connection, get stronger, taller, and maybe more flexible.  All fitness levels and ages are welcome.  Stop in for a Pilates lesson or a massage and relax the mind.

Why Train With Us?

You will get the personalized attention to detail that a big studio is unable to offer.

Here at Ultimate Serenity we are a small studio who focuses on:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Shoulder Injuries 
  • Pilates for Athletes and Runners
  • Pilates for Golfers
  • Pilates for Seniors
  • Pilates for Post Natal
  • Pilates for Cyclists
  • Pilates for Men


  • Improved circulation

  • Improve control of your back

  • Improve posture

  • Increases athletic performance

  • Reduces pain & postural problems

  • Sleep better

  • Improve flexibility