Self Care!

Getting a Thai massage and practicing Pilates is not only for people dealing with injuries or pain management. It’s for EVERYBODY who wishes to enhance their mind body connection.   Self-care is a necessity and not a luxury.  It’s one of the most important things you can do to feel good about yourself, increase your energy and reach personal goals. When your body is in proper alignment, your tight muscles decrease.

I am here to help and support you through your adventures, making your body feel stronger and balance and confident.

Hi There, I’m Lisa

I became passionate about teaching Pilates after 7 years in the massage industry left me with painful shoulders and forced me to re-examine my own injury prevention exercises.  I believe the mind body connection can empower a deeper, smarter approach to fitness, and that the principles of Pilates can be incorporated into all aspects of everyday life.

I founded Ultimate Serenity in May of 2012 to share my passion for movement with community of Denver and to provide a welcoming environment where clients from all walks of life could work on improving their health through Pilates and Massage.  I love cycling, a good burger, a good craft beer with a local brewery.

What I Offer

Weekly Studio Classes

I offer a Mat Pilates and Foam Roller classes.  These classes are designed to improve your strength, increase your balance and roll out the knots.

Thai Massage

I specialize in working with people in chronic pain.  A Thai massage can help decrease low back pain and increase your flexibility!

Pilates For All Levels!

Classical Pilates can change the way your body moves and improve faulty movement patterns.  If you have low back pain or upper back pain learn how Pilates can re-design your body to function and move with ease.

How Were Different!

We are much more than just a massage therapy studio. Think of us as movement specialist.  We listen to your needs, design a plan to address your pain, and tailor a Pilates session to reach your goals.   We have a full free library of stretches, exercises & foam roller videos to empower you to continue healing and learning outside our office.   We give you all the tools to decrease pain and get stronger so you can reach your goals!