Cycling Season Ends:

Ah, it’s that time of year where cycling ends unless you are a die-hard!  I’m a seasonal rider which means if it’s below the ’50s my butt is not on a bike.  I have the gear to cycle in the cold I just choose the gym where it is warm inside.

Where we’re from:

We moved here 2 years ago from MN.  I don’t miss the winters at all.  Winter in MN means below zero temps, blowing snow, drifting, and very icy unpleasant driving conditions. I use to plug in my jeep every night and pray it would start.  Thank god for engine block heaters.  Since moving to Colorado we can have a few 60 and 70 degree weather days in the winter.  I pull out my bike and take a ride because those days are very far and few between.

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What to do in the winter:

There are so many things to do in the city when the season changes to winter.  I found a great site called and signed up to play drop-in volleyball at Dive Volleyball in LoDo.   It’s is a fun way to get exercise and meet people.  I use to play volleyball in high school and a rec league in college.  I have been on a long break and just got back into playing again.  I’m glad there is a beginner night because you have to start somewhere right?  I will rather be curled up on the couch on a no workout day but this makes going out in the cold so much more appealing.  So the next time you want to sit at home and do nothing, I encourage you to get out and explore your city and meet some active people.

Be well,

Lisa Wolkerstorfer

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